The Music Angel Social Power, is a premium Lithium-Ion alkaline battery. It stores 2600 mAh of power, and is encased in aluminium for added durability. 

How much power does it give? 

That capacity of the battery is 2600mAh, but there are many factors to consider with power units that affect this question. 

In short, it’s enough to charge an iPhone 6 fully, if you don’t use the phone whilst it charges, and you use an Apple Approved cable. 

We wanted to create a battery that was efficient, long lasting, and very sustainable – which is why our battery is a Samsung battery, encased in aluminium; and can be upgraded/refitted easily. 

That’s why we offer unlimited charging; because the variables in charge are so high, and we can’t put a definitive answer on that question. 

Is the battery safe?

As we said before, our focus was on creating a durable product suitable for use in unforgiving environments such as the sub-Sahara. In the 3 years that we’ve been running Music Angel, we have never had any issues with our batteries. 

This is why we chose Samsung batteries, and why our batteries have an aluminium casing. It’s more expensive to produce, but we sleep better at night. 

Can it charge any phone?

It can charge any device, as long as it uses a USB cable to power the charger. In short, any smartphone, and numerous older models. 

Can it charge an iPhone?

Yes – but you need to either have your own cable, or purchase a cable with us, as the battery doesn’t come with the cable. 

Our cables are made by Juice and are Apple Approved™ so they won’t damage your phone, and won’t become redundant after the next iOS update. 

Can it charge an Android phone?

Yes, as long as it uses a USB charging cable. Android devices use the same micro-USB insert that we give with the battery, meaning they can be used for charging an Android device. 

Can it charge things other than a phone?

As we’ve said before, as long as it uses a USB cable, we can charge any device, unit or product. 

However, the battery was designed with mobile phones in mind, and therefore the capacity of the battery matches that. 

It can charge the following devices, as well as any device that uses a USB connection for charging; 

Nikon Camera 

How do you charge the battery at home? 

When you home with the battery, the micro USB port in the battery is used to recharge the battery. All you need to do is plug the cable provided into a USB port, and connect the battery to the cable using the micro-USB cable. 

How can we know if the battery is fully charged?

The battery, has two indicator lights one red and, one blue, to ensure that we know whether the battery is charged or not. 

When charging the battery (power-in), the light will show red whilst charging whether it’s 1% charged or 99% charged. Then, once the battery is at 100% capacity, the light will turn off. 

Whilst charging a device (power-out), the light will show blue whilst charging the device. The blue light stop when the device is charged, or the battery is empty. 

If you’re unsure of the status of a battery, just plug it into the charger, and it’ll let you know. 

How long does it take to charge the battery (power-in)?

It takes around 3 hours to fully charge the battery.

How long does it take to charge my phone?

This is dependant on the battery size of your device, and the cable used to transfer the power between the device and the battery. 

As an example however, it takes 2 hours to charge an iPhone 6 with the original cable. 

Can I use the phone whilst charging?

You can use the phones whilst it’s charging, but obviously whilst they’re using the phone, it’s going to use power. 

If you charge an iPhone 6 with it turned off, there’s enough power in the battery to charge the phone fully – but, if you use it whilst it’s charging, that’s going to affect the final charge percentage. 


The warranty that comes with every battery is that it’ll last for 2 years, and/or 500 recharging cycles – whichever comes first!