How much does it cost? 

When you pre-order your battery here, you save £5 compared to buying it when you're at the festival. We retail at £20 here, but £25 at the festival. 

I'm going to a festival, but I can't see to find where to pre-order a charger?

Check our website here and for full listings of our events. Cant see it? Get in contact with us and we can try and make sure we're there next year!

What's the mAH of the Social Power battery? 

We have a full technical specification of the battery here!

What is included with my pre-order pack?

Click here, or click the 'Whats Included In My Unlimited Charging Package?' tab at the top of this page to find out more. 

Do I need any additional Equipment?

iPhone users will need their own cable. If you forget it, we'll have some on-sale at the festival.

Can I have the product delivered?

Yes, all products are delivered if your shipping address is within the UK and ordered 21 days or more prior to the festival.

For those with a shipping address outside of the UK or ordering less than 21 days before the festival you must pick up your charger at the event.

Picking up your charger at the event

If you have a shipping address outside the UK, or have ordered your product less than 21 days before the event then you must pick up your product from us at the event for which you purchased it. To pick up your product you will need:

- Your order reference number (on the email that was sent to you when you made the purchase)

- A form of ID matching the name on the order.

We will have one stall at each festival nominated for the order collections. This will be made clear on a blog post on our website 14 days before the festival.

What if my charger doesn't work?

If you are having any problems with the product during the event bring it back to us and we would be happy to take a look at it.

How many times can I swap my battery?

Our unlimited charging service allows you to swap your battery pack as many times as you would like for the duration of the festival, and any other festivals we attend in 2017 after you've got your wristband. 

Do I have to return the battery at the end of the event?

You are free to take the contents of your pack home with you once you leave the event.

If you've got any other questions, feel free to contact us here