• Image of Unlimited Charging Pack | Download Festival 2017

Pre-orders are now closed. Come find us in the Village or the Arena to buy one direct!

Keep powered up at this year’s Download Festival 2017 with the Music Angel Mobile Charging pack.

Get your very own Social Power battery, with an unlimited wristband, entitling you to swap your battery pack for a fully charged one as many times at you like at this year’s Download Festival 2017.

Unlimited charging all weekend.

Inside your pack you will receive:

- Music Angel SP Unlimited Battery
- Micro USB - USB Cable (For charging the battery & charging Android devices)
- Music Angel Pouch
- Music Angel Lanyard
- Unlimited Charging Wristband (For swapping your battery at the festival)

Full terms and conditions are available at the bottom of this page.

Service is subject to terms and conditions and all sales include 20% VAT.

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